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There are several little gems in the immediate vicinity of Irota, which may be combined well on a tour by car - or for diehards perhaps by bike. Worth mentioning are the monastery ruin in Martonyi, the Jewish cemetery of Szendrő, the Gothic church of Szalonna, the largest book in the world in Szinpetri, the smallest village of Hungary (Szanticska with 3 people!) and the murals in the Roma village of Bódvalenke.

Also close is Edelény, 20 kilometres away from Irota. This little town is especially good for day-to-day shopping, but also boasts the recently completely renovated L'Huillier-Coburg Palace. The costume movie in 3D prior to the tour is only in Hungarian, but very rewarding nevertheless.

A nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aggtelek National Park is a 30 minutes drive away and is especially renowned for its Baradla Cave, a 26 kilometres long underground system of stalagmite caves. Tours begin from both sides in the villages of Aggtelek and Jósvafő respectively. We are happy to assist you with information and making reservations.

Miskolc with its 170,000 inhabitants is the third city of Hungary after Budapest and Debrecen. In spite of its pleasant pedestrian main street, the city itself, can unfortunately not exactly be called beautiful. However, there are certainly reasons for a visit: for example, the now renovated Diósgyőr fortress on the outskirts of the city is worth the trouble, especially since it regularly hosts theatre performances and festivals. The resort town of Miskolctapolca, now part of Miskolc, is home the renowned cave baths (Barlangfürdő), where the visitor of these thermal baths can actually swim through the cave system. In Miskolctapolca you can also take the bobsleigh track or go e-karting in the Avalon park. The enchanting Palace Hotel at Lillafüred is also recommended, partly because of the scenic ride with the little forest train that gets you there, but also because the ‘ Végállomás' restaurant at the departure point of the train. The large and well-stocked market on central Búza tér (Wheat Square) is very convenient for the purchase of fresh food. Miskolc can be reached by car from Irota in 45 minutes.

Discover the charm of Boldogkő Castle in Zemplén's serene landscapes, lovingly restored to its former grandeur in 2024. Explore exhibitions on the castle's ground and first floors, accompanied by a multilingual app featuring fourteen interactive stations, offering a delightful glimpse into its rich history.

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